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“L’Amour Fou” (A (true) fairy tale of sex, love and politics in modern France)

(New York Times “T’ magazine, February 2, 2015) Read at

‘Wilde in America,’ by David M. Friedman

(New York Times Book Review, December 5, 2014) Read at

A Return to Rural France, and to Childhood Memories

(New York Times Travel section, May 28, 2014) Read at

Treasures of the Cinque Terre

(New York Times Travel section, October 4, 2013) Read at

In the Mind of a Ringmaster (Simon Doonan’s “The Asylum”)

(New York Times Styles section, September 2013) Read at

Poison, Incest, Intrigue: ‘Blood and Beauty: The Borgias,’ by Sarah Dunant

(New York Times Book Review, July 2013) Read at

Modern Love: A Lesson in the Desert

(New York Times Styles section, July 2013) Read at

Seeing Sylvia Plath With New Eyes,

(New York Times Styles section, May 2013) Read at

Empresses of Fantasy: ‘Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel,’ and More

(New York Times Book Review, Dec. 2012) Read at

A Turkish Idyll Lost in Time

(New York Times Travel Section, July 2011 Read at

How 10,000 People Keep a Secret (A Pop-Up Paris Picnic Is Coming to New York)

(New York Times Dining section, June 2011) Read at

Confessions of a Soukaholic: the exhilaration of shopping Damascus souk

(New York Times “T” Magazine), May 19, 2010 Read at

Life of the Party (Leo Lerman’s “The Grand Surprise”)

(New York Times Book Review, cover, April 2007) Read at

Play It Again (Tom McCarthy’s “Remainder)

(New York Times Book Review, cover, Feb. 2007)

Read at

Thomas Pynchon: Against The Day

(New York Times Book Review, cover, Nov. 2006) Read at

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’: Her Dark Materials

(New York Times Book Review, July 2005) Read at

Love Potion No. 9 (Helen Fisher’s “Why We Love”)

(New York Times Book Review, March 2003) Read at

Arbor Days (review of a quirky botanist’s memoir “Life in the Treetops”

(New York Times Book Review, Aug. 8, 1999) Read at

The Lost Art of the Love Affair

(New York Times Book Review, Bookend, Feb. 1999) Read at

America’s Paint and Body Shop (“Hope in a Jar” and “Venus Envy”)

(New York Times Book Review, Aug. 1998) Read at

On The Beach

(New York Times Book Review, Bookend, Aug. 1998) Read at

Down on the Christmas Tree Farm

(New York Times Op-Ed, Dec. 1993) Read at
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